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ACNC Registered Charity

In contrast with the majority of charities campaigning to ‘Save the Daintree Rainforest’ from thousands of kilometres away, Daintree Rainforest Foundation LTD operates exclusively within the Daintree World Heritage environment and constitutionally must perform its functions in a way that is consistent with the protection of inhabitant people, who are not only constituent parts of the legislated definition of ‘environment’, they are also its sole caretakers and exclusive repository of local knowledge.

Daintree dishonesty

For all of its universal significance, the only portion of Daintree Rainforest that can be influenced by charity, is that small but significant part held under private ownership.  The vast majority of the landscape (around 94%) is publicly-owned and well and truly inscribed into World Heritage and therefore out of management reach of any charity.  Daintree Rainforest Foundation LTD resides and operates within the environment it campaigns to protect, in loyal support of the custodial community.

A Stray Liana – an odyssey into the heart of the world’s oldest rainforest.

20% of each book sale goes to Daintree Rainforest Foundation LTD!

A Stray Liana

Ancient rainforest, adjoining Great Barrier Reef and the world’s most diverse mangrove community, compound this fantastic fusion of World Heritage wonders into Nature’s Masterpiece.

JUNGLE DRUM – the beat of a rainforest rhythm 

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