Camera Traps – April 2020

Camera Traps - April 2020 Collecting data from the Camera Traps - April 2020, was as informative as it was therapeutic.  Getting back into the jungle, after weeks of post-operative convalescence and collecting from twelve widely-dispersed camera traps, is not a trivial undertaking.  Truth be told, my wife Angie did the majority of the hard yards, but April turned out to be

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Camera Traps – March 2020

Camera Traps - March 2020 Another technical fault was revealed in the Camera Traps - March 2020 and yet the month captured 70-cassowary images, 264-feral pigs and 10-dingoes in total.  Cassowary sightings fell by 48 from February's sightings, whilst feral pigs increased by 84 and dingoes by 7.  All surviving cassowary chicks from last month's observations were accounted for. March has certainly been

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Camera Traps February 2020

As it was with data collection from January 2020, one of the 12 camera traps revealed a technical fault and yet February captured 126-cassowaries, 184-feral pigs and 3-dingoes in total.  Both cassowary and feral pig sightings were comparatively up for the month, whilst dingo numbers were down.  January revealed 118-cassowaries, 166-feral pigs and 8-dingoes. One of the male cassowaries, whose brood was originally four, but

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Camera Traps – January 2020

With the exception of one of the 12 camera traps, which revealed a faulty data card, January 2020 captured 118 cassowaries, 166 feral pigs and 8 dingoes. Comparing the month of December 2019, there were 92 more cassowary sightings, 28 more feral pigs and 18 fewer dingo sightings. Of the 13 cassowary chicks that hatched out this latest breeding period, only 2 appear to

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Camera Trap 2

The Management Committee of Daintree Rainforest Foundation Ltd., has decided to rationalise data collection into alignment with the months of the year.  So the first fortnight will be set aside and the reporting will begin with December, 2019 and then, January 2020. etc. For the entire month of December 2019, 26 cassowaries, 26 Dingoes and 138-feral pigs were photographed.

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Camera Trap Report 1

Daintree Rainforest Foundation, in conjunction with Daintree Rainforest P/L, has committed to a long term data collection process through the installation of a dozen camera traps placed strategically throughout the Daintree World Heritage Rainforest.  The first month captured 29 cassowaries, 67 feral-pigs and 17 dingoes.  Other species of organism have also been captured by the camera traps, like the Boyd's Forest Dragon on the skinny

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Seven Worlds – One Planet

Seven Worlds - One Planet The first episode of Sir David Attenborough’s new series commenced in the heart of the world’s longest surviving rainforest.  Here, Big Bertha, Grand Dame of Cassowaries, reigns supreme.  She is almost 2-metres in height when she pumps herself up to her full height to impress or to defend her domain. The vision of stately old-growth rainforest of

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