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Daintree River Crossing

Daintree River Crossing (DRC) - Options Assessment Report Response My preference:     Retain a single ferry with drastically improved visitor management, both over the ferry and across the entire area of visitation. Neil Hewett - 14-10-2020 Paramount consideration of this proposal must be given to the treasure it provides almost exclusive access to.  After all, the DRC is gateway to the second-most irreplaceable

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Camera Traps – September 2020

Data collected from Daintree Rainforest Camera Traps over the month of September 2020, accrued 62-cassowaries, 22-dingoes and 136-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were 5% down for the month, dingoes were 24% up and feral-pigs were even. As I tallied the monthly data, my mind persistently wavered toward the Daintree River Crossing (DRC) – Options Assessment Report, which is currently open for public consultation. 

Camera Traps – September 20202020-10-06T06:34:43+10:00

Camera Traps – August 2020

Camera Traps - August 2020 The data collected from Camera Traps over the month of August 2020 suffered only one camera failing and the month's tally accrued 69-cassowaries, 38-dingoes and 102-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were 104% up on the monthly average, dingoes were 218% up and feral-pigs were 75% fewer.  Two shots of dingoes had piglets in their mouths, but

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Camera Traps – July 2020

Camera Traps - July 2020 The data collected from Camera Traps over the month of July 2020 was skewed by a couple of camera failings and in one unit a random re-setting of time & date, however, the month's tally accrued 87-cassowaries, 14-dingoes and 120-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were 132% up on the monthly average, dingoes were 93% down and

Camera Traps – July 20202020-08-03T17:29:57+10:00

Camera Traps – June 2020

Camera Traps - June 2020 The data collected from Camera Traps over the month of June 2020 may have been skewed by human activity for extensive trail maintenance.  Nevertheless, the month's tally accrued 50-cassowaries, 18-dingoes and 82-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were down at 80% of the monthly average, dingoes were up at 120% and feral-pigs were fewer at 58%. In the

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Camera Traps – May 2020

Camera Traps - May 2020 Apart from a brazen Brush Turkey - Alectura lathami (J.E. Gray, 1831), determined not to be excluded from the month's tally, the greatest delight in the data collected from the Camera Traps - May 2020, was the Bennett's Tree Kangaroo - Dendrolagus bennettianus (De Vis, 1887), captured on Camera 9, on 3 May at 2129-hours.  Bennett's tree-kangaroos are

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Camera Traps – April 2020

Camera Traps - April 2020 Collecting data from the Camera Traps - April 2020, was as informative as it was therapeutic.  Getting back into the jungle, after weeks of post-operative convalescence and collecting from twelve widely-dispersed camera traps, is not a trivial undertaking.  Truth be told, my wife Angie did the majority of the hard yards, but April turned out to be

Camera Traps – April 20202020-05-03T11:28:32+10:00

Camera Traps – March 2020

Camera Traps - March 2020 Another technical fault was revealed in the Camera Traps - March 2020 and yet the month captured 70-cassowary images, 264-feral pigs and 10-dingoes in total.  Cassowary sightings fell by 48 from February's sightings, whilst feral pigs increased by 84 and dingoes by 7.  All surviving cassowary chicks from last month's observations were accounted for. March has certainly been

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Camera Traps February 2020

As it was with data collection from January 2020, one of the 12 camera traps revealed a technical fault and yet February captured 126-cassowaries, 184-feral pigs and 3-dingoes in total.  Both cassowary and feral pig sightings were comparatively up for the month, whilst dingo numbers were down.  January revealed 118-cassowaries, 166-feral pigs and 8-dingoes. One of the male cassowaries, whose brood was originally four, but

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Camera Traps – January 2020

With the exception of one of the 12 camera traps, which revealed a faulty data card, January 2020 captured 118 cassowaries, 166 feral pigs and 8 dingoes. Comparing the month of December 2019, there were 92 more cassowary sightings, 28 more feral pigs and 18 fewer dingo sightings. Of the 13 cassowary chicks that hatched out this latest breeding period, only 2 appear to

Camera Traps – January 20202020-02-06T07:10:32+10:00

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