2020 ANNUAL REPORT Daintree Rainforest Camera Trap Project As a part of its long-term Daintree Rainforest Camera Trap Project, 2020 will always be the year that the Foundation first published images of the very rare Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo - Dendrolagus bennettianus (De Vis, 1887) in natural habitat. Each fortnight, 12 camera traps were cleared of data, which was then transferred onto computer, logged,

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Camera Traps – 2020

Data collected across 2020, from the twelve Daintree Rainforest Camera Traps, captured 772-cassowaries from 505 events, 528-dingoes from 217 events and 1,462-feral-pigs from 483 events.  In terms of congregation, for every 2 cassowaries, there were 3-dingoes and 4-feral-pigs snapped and within territorial constraints, cassowaries were significantly more perambulatory than both dingoes and feral-pigs.  Unfortunately, this does not provide reliable data on population comparisons, but

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Camera Traps – December 2020

Data collected from the twelve Daintree Rainforest Camera Traps over the month of December 2020 accrued 74-cassowaries, 107-dingoes and 110-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were 115% up for the month, dingoes were 256% up and feral-pigs accrued 90% of the monthly average.  All 12 Camera Traps functioned without fault across the month. Camera Traps - December 2020 - image highlights for the

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