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The Management Committee of Daintree Rainforest Foundation Ltd., has decided to rationalise data collection into alignment with the months of the year.  So the first fortnight will be set aside and the reporting will begin with December, 2019 and then, January 2020. etc. For the entire month of December 2019, 26 cassowaries, 26 Dingoes and 138-feral pigs were photographed.

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2018 ANNUAL REPORT The major news for this year, is the publication of A Stray Liana by DAINTREE RAINFOREST FOUNDATION LTD Chairperson, Neil Hewett.  Published by Daintree Rainforest P/L in May 2019, this high-quality coffee-table publication chronicles an odyssey spanning more than thirty-years, through some of Australia’s most remote and traditional Indigenous homelands and into the heart of the world’s oldest rainforest,

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